Does the whole vehicle need to be wrapped?
The job of our design team is to fit the size of your vehicle and collaborate with what you need. You do not need any vehicle to be completely wrapped. We offer any size kind of wrap for any of your advertising needs.

The All Pro Wrap guarantee?
All of our wrap services are warranty covered. Any and all changes can be made at any given point in the design and wrap services. We charge no monthly or annual fees. All repairs and maintenance costs are apart of the initial cost.

Corporate fleet wraps
To maximize ROI multiple fleet wraps will give your business longevity. Utilizing concepts, design, and creative collaboration fleet wraps will outlast any standard marketing design.

Trailer wraps
Imagine the mobility. A simple or sophisticated graphic by our design team will make your trailer stand out, whether standing in front of your business or on the move.

Barricade wraps
We service any and all street barricades. A custom wrap would be utilized best for store openings or any retail needs. A great help for parking lot events, or entrance ways.

Compact car wraps
Our design team specializes especially in automobile wraps. Compact cars though smaller are mobile and in eye sight of those driving by.

Full-size car wraps
We offer car services to larger cars as well as the smaller cars. Our wrap designs and process are able to fit.

Sporting Vehicles
We service any kind of sporting good and sport’s utility. An example would be printing an emblem on a soccer shin guard sock. So, every time your sport’s team plays a game your services are promoted.

Any Kind of Vehicle
Other vehicles and transport’s that we service are: semi-truck wraps, race cars, emergency vehicles, trucks and vans. If there is a custom made vehicle our design team will make it work.

UTV's and ATV's
Stand out and make you dirt machine uniqu and personal to your liking.